These Influential Teens Are Changing the World

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We know that teens are passionate about changing the world--and we're thrilled to hear that TIME magazine is giving some of the biggest game-changers the recognition they deserve. Their list of the 16 most-influential teens of 2013 features everyone from pop sensation Lorde to Ionut Budisteanu, a 19-year-old who designed a self-driving car. Check the list out here and share it in your class or at your dinner table, and get your teens inspired and involved!

Some of these brave teens, like the ever-inspiring Malala, have been on TeenBeing or in Choices before. But while we're at it, we've got a few names to add to the list:

15-year-old Dylan, featured in our October 2013 issue, is the founder of ReefQuest, an organization dedicated to saving the world's coral reefs.

Orren, a 16-year-old we featured in our April 2013 issue, was invited to the White House because of his blog. Healthy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs, about raising his 32 chickens, 4 ducks, and 250,000 bees.

Halie, 17, was featured in on of TeenBeing's Teen Flaunts with her essay about what it's like to have a learning disability.

Who would you add to the list? What do your teens think of TIME's picks? Tell us about a teen who inspires you, and we may feature them on TeenBeing or in Choices!