Teens With Mentors Are More Successful in Their Careers, Study Finds

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The bond between a mentor and mentee is extremely valuable. While this is something heard over and over again, there's actually scientific research to back it up. According to North Carolina State University, young people who have mentors are more likely to find work early on that gives them more responsibility and autonomy. Thinking long-term, this puts them on the path to more successful careers.

This study analyzed the long-term effect of mentorship relationships. There were more than 12,000 participants who started out in their teen years or early twenties, who then were surveyed again six years later about their work. What they found was that there are clear benefits to having a mentor, especially at a young age.

While there were similarities between compensation and overall employment, those with mentors had jobs with more "intrinsic" rewards, such as autonomy or authority, that made their careers more personally fulfilling, researchers said.

Dr. Steve McDonald, who was the lead author of this reseach paper, said,

The findings imply that mentees learn to place a higher value on jobs with more intrinsic rewards — and those same characteristics are associated with long-term career success.

While teens shouldn't try to force these mentor-like relationships, finding someone they admire and can go to for advice is a proven way to find success later on. Encourage them to always reach out to teachers or professionals who they aspire to be like. This study proves it's more than worth it!
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