Teenage Fitness: We've Got The Scoop On Hoops

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Who doesn't want to get behind teenage fitness? But what if your teen is lazy or just not into sports. We've got an idea! Introducing the humble hula hoop and join a world of joyful movement!

I could tell you that hooping is a low-impact, high-energy workout that improves core strength, tones your stomach, arms, thighs and butt, and burns approximately the same amount of calories as spending an equivalent time on a treadmill, but your exercise-hating kids will not care. (However, here is a basic hula hooping workout for those who want proof that it's a real thing).

5 Other Fun Fitness Picks For Teenagers

  1. Get hands-on and play a vintage game of tag! There are hundreds of variations. Who knew?
  2. Start a serious snowball fight! (sorry you have to wait for winter for that one).
  3. Pump up the jams and dance around the house!
  4. Play Frisbee Golf or for a killer workout try a game of Ultimate Frisbee
  5. Try juggling. It's certainly meets the fun criteria and you really can work up a sweat.

Also check out the teenage fitness story about helping them find a move that matches their personality (you can steal all the ideas for yourself, by the way).

Any other ideas for fun ways to get a move on? Please share!