Tackling Teen Parenthood—Meet The Text Baby

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Teen parenthood has been glamorized (Teen Mom we’re looking at you) and vilified (New York City’s campaign was a little over the top in our opinion), but now it’s been turned into a text experience brought to you by Dosomething.org. The idea is simple: Instead of using real-life tykes for a test run, teens simply submit their friends’ numbers to impregnate them with virtual phone-baby. Their friends will then receive texts throughout the day urging them to take care of their cellular infant. (Incentive alert: By playing the phone baby game, kids are entered into a contest in which they could win a $3,000 scholarship!)

Impregnating phones may seem like a silly prank, but the combination of technology and humor is a perfect way to get teens talking about some serious issues without being preachy. Even if they roll their eyes and say it’s lame, if it gets them to think about being a teen parent (especially the boys), then I think it’s worth it.  Plus it’s cheaper than Real Care Baby or an actual baby, for that matter.

What do you think about Dosomething.org’s strategy?