Study Says Sadness Lasts Longer Than Other Emotions

shutterstock_136089539If teens are upset about a fight with a friend or a not performing well at school, chances are it'll stick with them longer than being surprised or bored. That's because a new study found that sadness lasts longer than other emotions. Researchers at the Unviersity of Leuven in Belgium discovered this fact after conducting interviews with more than 200 high school students.

According to Science Daily,

Out of a set of 27 emotions, sadness lasted the longest, whereas shame, surprise, fear, disgust, boredom, being touched, irritated or feeling relief were often over in a flash.

The duration that each emotion affected the teens had to do with the event's importance attached. More traumatic events like death or accidents held higher importance, therefore sticking longer in their minds.

When it comes to long-lasting sadness, it's also important to recognize when it may be something more. To learn the difference, try taking's depression quiz. Checking in on your mental health (and your teens') is always a good thing.

For more about the topic of depression, check out this story from the November/December issue of Choices about of a group of inspiring teens, who are shining a light on depression by speaking out against the stigma. Click the image below to read the story:

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