The September issue of Choices is here!

It’s that time again—back to school! We know that this is a very exciting and very busy time for all of you and the September issue of Choices is here to help you with the transition. As with every issue, we cover a range of topics that we think you’ll love. From healthy foods that will help keep teens on their toes to advice on how to deal with drama in school, this issue is packed with unbelievable advice.

Choices_0913 Here’s a list of the stories we’re most excited about—we can’t wait for you to read them!

Extreme Goal Makeover Get teens excited about the upcoming school year and focused on their future with this story on setting goals and how to achieve them—there couldn’t be a better time to learn!

Is It Bullying Or Drama?There can be a fine line between the inevitable drama that teens face in school and the relentless bullying that no teen should have to endure. Read this story on how to distinguish between the two and how to put an end to both.

Playing Through The Pain Gaby Taylor, 15, suffered a devastating injury from cheerleading. She wants teen athletes to know that sometimes they need to put their health first, before their sport. Read this story about the warrior culture that has developed in teen athletics—and why it’s so dangerous.

10 Foods Every Teen Should Eat These 10 foods will transform teens' diets—and lives! Check out this list of healthy foods to see what teens should be eating to stay healthy this school year.

Different Like You: Jessica Is An Immigrant It’s never easy for a teen to start over at a new school, but what if you can’t even speak English? Hear Jessica Hernandez’s inspiring story about her move to the United States from Mexico, and learn how she made the transition to a completely new life.