Revamped Nutrition Labels Have Everyone Talking - Here's What You Need to Know

Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Administration

Finally! For the first time in twenty years, the F.D.A. will be making major changes on nutrition labels. The goal: to make it easier for the average American to understand and they will reflect our changing portion sizes.

Check out the The New York Times story detailing these changes, and the money quote from Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner of the F.D.A.

[quote style="boxed"]It’s an amazing transformation...Things like the size of a muffin have changed so dramatically. It is important that the information on the nutrition fact labels reflect the realities in the world today.[/quote]

Um. Yes. One of the proposed changes we are most excited for here at team Choices is adding an extra line on the nutrition label for added sugar. Food manufacturing companies have pushed against similar ideas in the past, but this time common sense might just prevail.

If this does pass companies will still have two years to meet the new requirements. So the video we made explaining how to read food labels will (sadly) still be relevant for a while.

What do you think of the proposed changes? Share in the comments below!