Pre-Teen Blogger We Love: Hannah Alper

courtesy of the Alper family courtesy of the Alper family

As you may have noticed, we love teen bloggers. We profiled several of our faves in the Choices story “15 and Famous,” and are borderline obsessed with crafty teen Ty and his blog, Know and Tell Crafts. Finding a cause you’re passionate about, developing your own unique voice, and bravely opening yourself up to the world can be daunting for someone of any age. So when we heard about Hannah Alper, the eco-activist, blogger, and 10-year-old, we were blown away.

Hannah’s blog, Call Me Hannah, tracks her progress as she saves the world. Really! Since the creation of her blog, Hannah has rallied her community to participate in a shoreline cleanup she organized, launched the We Create Change program at three local schools, and was the youngest WWF Earth Hour Team Captain in 2013. And she recently announced (on her blog, of course!) that she will be speaking at Free The Children’s We Day events all across Canada, alongside other contributors ranging from anti-bullying activist Demi Lovato and We Day veterans the Jonas Brothers to former Secretary-General of the UN, Kofi Annan, and President of Liberia (and first female president in all of Africa!), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Hannah will definitely be the youngest speaker there, but is certainly one to watch!

We love Hannah for her passion and her activism, but also for the fact that she’s a very real 10-year-old. She’s certainly mature for her age, but this isn’t a parent-run blog with Hannah’s face pasted on top. The more you read, the more you come to see the many ways in which Hannah is just like other kids. She adores animals (especially her dog, Indigo), gets nervous during her first summer at sleep-away camp, and loves to read. She may have seen change that needs to happen in the world earlier than most, but has never let her age stop her from making that change.

Check out some of our favorite posts from Hannah’s blog, including an eco-friendly school supply roundup, 50+ simple ways to be kind, and an inspirational (and adorable) interview with one of her biggest role models, Severn Cullis-Suzuki.

Do you know of any teen (or pre-teen!) bloggers or activists that should be on our radar? How have your teens been inspired to make a change? Let us know in the comments below!