Need Tips For Celebrating Earth Day? Try These!

Not sure how to celebrate Earth Day? Encourage teens to try these environmentally friendly activities.


Today is Earth Day—the day we show appreciation for our beautiful planet! People all over the world are celebrating by supporting their environment and making positive changes in their communities. There are tons of ways you and the teens in your life can join in the fun and help save the planet.

Need some ideas? We’ve got a few! Share these activities and tips with your teens:

 Get creative and find ways to recycle things you’d otherwise throw away. Of course you can always throw recyclable materials in the appropriate bins, but it’s way more fun to reuse them yourself! Browse DIY ideas on Pinterest or check out these clever ideas from PopSugar. Send us before and after pictures of what you made by tweeting @Choices_Mag!

• Donate things you don’t use—or can live without—to charity. Do you have clothes you never wear? Join and H&M’s Comeback Clothes campaign. You could win a $10,000 scholarship in the process. Even actress Victoria Justice is joining in! 

 Get your hands dirty by planting something new! It could be something as small as your favorite flower or as a big as a tree! To support another great cause, join the Global Day for Hope to shine a positive light on depression by planting sunflowers on May 2nd.

• Save energy and participate in our May #ChoicesChallenge! Unplug your charger and spend the day phone-free! The less you use your device, the less you’ll have to use energy to charge it. Be sure to unplug other electronics when you’re not using them like your computer or television.

• Participate in the 13 Gallon Challenge! The minimum amount of water needed to survive a day is 13 gallons, but we tend to use (and waste) a lot more. Challenge your friends and see who can use the least amount of water in one day. Here are some statistics on average water use for daily activities to help you figure out ways to cut back and get an edge over your friends!

There are tons of other ways to get involved today—and everyday—to help save our planet. Let us know how you and your teens are showing appreciation for the Earth by tweeting us @Choices_Mag