Meet One Crafty Teen

Why am I writing about a craft blog on a site devoted to the health and well-being of teenagers? Well, as those of you who subscribe to Choices already know, we heart blogging teens. (If you haven’t seen our story on these industrious powerhouses, here’s a link to 15 and Famous). And Ty, the 13-year-old genius behind Know and Tell Crafts, is definitely someone we should all keep our eyes on. I think he’s talented even by adult standards, but his tutorials are just the kind of thing that I think would inspire other kids to develop a love for making things—and inspire teens to get in touch with their own passions and share them with others. So much media attention is focused on negative images of adolescents, that I think it changes how teens see themselves and alters their idea of what is normal and desirable. These negative images might even change our aspirations for teens. Sometimes I think more about the possible trouble my kids can get themselves into than the fact that they’re perfectly capable of making me a beautiful DIY Rock Necklace by following Ty’s tutorial. P.S. Don’t you love that there’s a bit of stereotype-breaking going on—crafting is for boys too! So hats off to Ty, to crafty teens, and to blogging teens—and please alert me to more kids whose accomplishments we can celebrate and share with our teens. P.P.S. Big thanks to my most craftastic friend Amanda of the violet hours who discovered Ty and sent him my way.