The Link You Need to Share With Every Teen in Your Life…Right Now!

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Did you know that 2000+ teen girls get pregnant every day? We know it’s tough to talk to teens about sex, so this morning we’re on a mission—along with our good friends over at The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy—to help you help them think about some potentially life-changing, hookup-related decisions before they have to make them.

What’s that you just said? You’d rather gouge your eyes out? Walk on a bed of hot coals?

Relax. While it’s beyond amazing if you have the opportunity (and the guts!) to talk to your kids or class about this topic, you don’t necessarily have to start an actual verbal conversation. All we’re asking you to do right now—on this National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, part of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month—is to share this brilliant interactive quiz. It basically places teens in some very real, totally shaky scenarios regarding sex…and then forces them to think about how they’d react.

For instance, would they give in to peer pressure to push their limits? How would they tell their BF they’re not ready for sex? And do they let a drunk friend stay at a party and hook up—or help them home, even though that friend may get mad in the moment?

The best part about the quiz, by far, is that there’s very little judgment once you answer, just straight-up facts, delivered in a thoughtful and gentle manner. So we can promise that it won’t turn teens off. And guess what? Simply by thinking these questions through and making careful decisions, it’s almost like they’re programming a purer, more rational course of action into their brains—so that smarter choices become a default, even when those crazy hormones (hey, remember what that was like?) take over. (Last year, two out of three teens surveyed said the quiz made the risks of sex and teen pregnancy seem more real to them. That’s pretty incredible, right?)

So if you do nothing else today, send this link to the teens you care about today, and if it’s not too much to ask, spread the word on social media (#ND14) too. That way other educators and parents can do the same.

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