Inspiration, Activities, and Tips to Help Teachers Survive the Last Weeks of School


The end of the school year is near, and students’ minds are drifting into summer dreamland—and at this point, yours might be, too!

But the education system won't cut you any slack. Uncovered lesson plans. Final grades. Conferences. You name; it probably needs to be crammed into the next few weeks. And it’s enough to drive you crazy.

In defense of your sanity and well-being, we did a quick search for resources that will help you survive the end of the school year without completely losing your mind. 

**But we know you’re crunched for time, so if you can’t read each link’s story in its entirety, be sure to at least check out the “Don’t Miss This” tip/activity that we’ve favorited and noted below each resource description. 

Stay Energized

Though you’re undoubtedly looking forward to summer vacation, you’ve got almost 10 months of hard work behind you, so it’s natural to feel like you’re on the edge of burnout. To keep from feeling drained, try these six ways to keep your energy level up as the school year winds down.

Don’t Miss This (tip): Eat lunch with teachers you don’t know well but are impressed with. 

Stay Productive

TeachHUB’s 8 Activities to Make the Last Days of School Memorable and Fun offers engaging ways for students to reflect on the school year while providing you with valuable feedback for years to come. Examples include hosting an “award ceremony” celebrating what makes each student special, and asking students to graph the highest and lowest moments of their time in your classroom.

Most of the list’s activities are suitable for all grades without much modification, and all of the list’s activities are 100% more positive, engaging, and productive than killing time with a movie.

Don’t Miss This (activity): Pocketful of Sunshine

Stay Inspired 

This Edutopia 5 Resources for Teacher Inspiration roundup says it best: Inspiration can come from a variety of places—a student’s smile, a thankful parent, Ryan Gosling (Seriously…). Each resource offers a quick and easy way to lighten your mood and motivate you to keep on trucking.

Don’t Miss This (resource): #ThankATeacher hashtag