This Homecoming Queen Takes A Stand Against Bullying

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In most high schools, Homecoming is something to look forward to each fall. Sometimes it may seem like a bit of a popularity contest, since there is such an emphasis placed on the titles of Homecoming King and Queen. Disproving such stereotypes of shallowness, a Texas teen did something inspiring when she won at her high school. When Anahi Alvarez was named Homecoming Queen at Grand Prairie High School, she gave the crown to a bullied friend instead, according to HuffPost Teen.

Apparently Alvarez and her friend made a pact beforehand that if either of them won, they'd give their crown to Lillian Skinner. Skinner had been teased by classmates and told she was on the ballot. However, she really wasn't — it was just a mean prank, intended to get Skinner's hopes up for no reason.

It turns out that those classmates' prank backfired — since Skinner wound up with the crown after all. As soon as Alvarez's name was announced, she had them give the crown to Skinner instead. The announcer said, "Anahi is honoring a very hard-working senior with her crown. We would like to announce Lillian Skinner; please step up and receive this honor.”

According to reports, Skinner couldn't believe it and was shocked by her friend's selfless gesture! This just goes to prove the power of kindness and friendship can trump bullying any day. Speaking of spreading positivity, join Choices magazine's October #ChoicesChallenge, where we team up with to make kindness go viral!

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