Here's Why Teens Should Surround Themselves With High-Achieving Friends


You know that old saying parents throw around about how you shouldn't follow the crowd? Something like, "If your friends did XYZ (ridiculous thing), would you?" While following in your friends' footsteps sounds like a bad idea in that case, it can actually have its upsides. According to a new study, teens who surround themselves with smart, high-achieving teammates are more likely to succeed themselves.

Researchers at Brigham Young University spent four years investigating high school activities and the effects they have on students. They found that being part of a club or team that gets good grades can double a student's likelihood of going to college. Lead author of the study, Ben Gibbs, says,

Typically you think the benefits of participating come from the type of club or the intensity of the skills you learned there. I think we're the first to show that who you are hanging out with in those activities really matters.

This is such an important realization, as it proves that teens really learn from and become similar to who they choose to surround themselves with with. In addition to the more obvious benefits of joining a club — like social skills and a sense of community — this shows that smarts really rub off. And hey, sports improving teens' mental health is another major plus!

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