Happy Earth Day! How Is Your Teen Celebrating?

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Today is Earth Day! Over one billion people across the world will be participating in efforts to save the planet today. From picking up pieces of litter to organizing major campaigns, teens in over 190 countries are getting involved and making a change. If your teens aren’t already environmentally-conscious, encourage your them to keep their planet green all year round, starting today!

Attend an Earth Day festival. Many cities and town across the country hold Earth Day celebrations and fests, filled with live music, recyclable freebies, crafts, and more! Find out if there’s an event in your town here.

Join a DoSomething Campaign. There’s no day like today to get involved in a campaign that will change the world for the better, and DoSomething is a practical inspiration factory for teens. Click on “Environment” to see campaigns related to Earth Day, or explore any of their dozens of other ideas for social change made specifically for teens.

Get the App. In the April issue of Choices, one of our teen readers asked for an easy way to get involved on Earth Day. Check out the apps we suggested here and get your teens involved, even if you can’t get them away from their phones.

Fight for YOUR cause. In the October issue of Choices, we teamed up with a teen named Dylan to talk about how he’s saving our oceans in our Inspired Like You feature. Dylan was able to turn his hobbies into a passion, which then lead to a full-time effort to help the planet. Check out his advice for other teens looking to make an impact, and write to us to let us know what your teen is passionate about. They could be featured in our next Inspired Like You!

These are just a few ways to get involved, but let us know how you and your teens celebrated Earth Day in the comments below!