Happy Birthday, Demi!


It's no secret: I absolutely love Demi Lovato. From her early days on Barney, all through Sonny with a Chance, Camp Rock (1 and 2!), The X-Factor, and every hair color under the sun, she's been more than my favorite celebrity - she's my daily inspiration (and I'm not the only one!). Last year I was lucky enough to interview her about what it’s really like to be famous for the Choices story #Obsessed With Fame, and since then, everyone on the Choices/TeenBeing team has become a full-fledged Lovatic.

Once you hear Demi’s story, it’s hard not to love her. She’s an advocate, a role model,  and a talented singer and actress to boot. And her message isn’t the average, pre-packaged teen starlet story – she’s showed us the nitty-gritty side effects of growing up in the spotlight (or of growing up, period.), and is now an advocate for positivity, especially in teens. Having battled an eating disorder, depression, and body image issues herself, Demi makes it her mission to speak honestly, using her platform to encourage other teens to get help, to love themselves, and to spread kindness.

As such big fans, we couldn’t let her birthday go by unnoticed, so we’re sharing some of our favorite Demi quotes with some of our other favorite role models and inspirations – you! Share one of her quotes, songs, or performances with a teen who needs a boost – something tells us that helping a struggling teen smile is exactly what Demi wants for her birthday.

Happy 22, Demi!







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