Friday Faves: What You Need to Know About the New SAT, How to Overcome Performance Anxiety, and More!

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TGIF! The weekend is finally here and the Choices magazine/TeenBeing team has rounded up our picks for the best of this week’s web.

1. Scientists are discovering more and more about the danger of fat in the body. This new study found how excess fat can damage the brain. The good news is that exercise can help. Dr. Alexis Stranahan, the researcher who oversaw the study, has some advice: "Get out and move." We couldn't agree more.

2. We love this teen's essay on how she got over her fear of the spotlight. Share her advice for teens with yours and check out our article, "Surviving the Spotlight," in our upcoming April issue.

3. News about the revised SAT is going viral. This article tells you what you need to know, in simple terms.

4. Ah, e-cigarettes again. This recent article from the New York Times covers experts' concern over how the e-cigarettes are marketed to teens as well as the health affects of them.

5. Worried about employers and admissions officers bumping into your teen's web presence? This social media expert and author explains to NPR how we adults often misread and misunderstand the complexities of our teens' lives online. What do you think? Share in the comments section below! Also check out our post debunking common myths about teens and technology today.

Did we miss anything big from this week? Share your faves in the comments below!