Friday Faves: A Psychologist Decodes Teen Romance, a New FDA Anti-Smoking Campaign, and More!

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TGIF! The weekend is finally here and the Choices magazine/TeenBeing team has rounded up our picks for the best of this week’s web.

1. The New York Times wrote an article about parents who felt their children were being bullied by coaches. How would you respond? Share in the comments below.

2. A recent government survey has found that 3 out of 4 adolescents aren't getting the physical activity they need to stay healthy. Find out more here and share this article from November's Choices for a quick and simple way your teen can stay fit.

3. The FDA has launched a new teen anti-smoking campaign they hope will prevent teens from falling into addiction early. Also in the works: as of October 1, CVS will not be selling cigarettes anymore. Good job, CVS!

4. After her bestie Selena Gomez opened up about her recent stint in rehab, Demi Lovato tweeted, "Weakness is living in denial. Only the strongest people ask for help." We appreciate Demi's support for her friend, and can't wait for you to see the great advice she shares with Choices readers in an exclusive interview in our March 2014 issue.

5. Psychologist Barbara Greenberg gives the inside scoop on teen relationships, saying that "secretly, our teens are still romantics at heart even though they are growing up in a hook-up culture." She explains more of the secret world of teen romance here.

Did we miss anything big from this week? Share your faves in the comments below!