Friday Faves!

It’s that time again! The Choices/TeenBeing team has rounded up our picks for the best of this week’s web.

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1. Ever wonder what’s in a chicken nugget? Well, you probably don’t really want to know. After dissecting two nuggets from an unnamed national fast-food restaurant (our guess is they came straight from a Happy Meal), two medical researchers have revealed that these “kid-friendly” pieces contain mostly fat and barely any chicken at all. One of the researchers, Dr. Richard deShazo, compared the ingredients to super glue:

[quote]It's a combination of chicken, carbohydrates, and fats, and other substances that make it glue together. It's almost like super glue that we're eating.[/quote]


2. We definitely teared up a little while watching this father’s reaction after seeing a passing Math grade on his son's report card. That one’s definitely going on the fridge!

3. This Minnesota high school PSA about stereotypes and accepting diversity sends a great message about the importance of respecting each other's cultural differences- perfect for National Bullying Prevention Month!

4. We can never get enough of Harry Potter here at Scholastic but we especially loved Buzzfeed’s Harry Potter Instagram. Does your teen hash tag as much as Harry?

5. A recent poll has revealed that many  parents may be less likely to allow their sons to play football, due to the increasing knowledge circulating about the serious brain damage concussions can cause.

Did we miss anything from this week? Share your faves in the comments below!