Friday Faves!

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Happy Friday! The Choices/TeenBeing team has rounded up our picks for the best of this week’s web.

1. Cold season is coming and we all know how important it is to wash our hands, and to wash them often; but what about hand sanitizer? Is that little bottle you keep in your car doing you any good? Experts are saying no and to stick to the sink instead.

2. Put down the Oreo! A recent experiment has revealed that the tasty, cream-filled cookie may be just as addicting as the drugs cocaine and morphine. Scary, right? The study designer had this to say about the dangers of junk food:

[quote]Even though we associate significant health hazards in taking drugs like cocaine and morphine, high-fat, high-sugar foods may present even more of a danger because of their accessibility and affordability.[/quote]

If you want to learn more about the dangers of junk food and why it’s so addicting, we explored the topic in the 10 Worst Foods For Teens article in the October issue of Choices and in our video about nutrition labels, Label of Love.

3. Teenage drinking isn’t an easy issue for anyone to tackle, especially not for parents. Read this advice from the NYT's Motherlode parenting blog on how to handle the problem with your teen.

4. We agree with this article from CNN Parents on the dangers of cyberbullying associated with certain messaging apps such as and Kik Messenger, and hope that awareness about sites like these will continue to spread.

5. Technology isn't all scary, though, and can be a powerful tool when used correctly. For instance, this new video for Google Maps shares the story of Saroo Brierley, a man who used Google Earth to find his way back to his biological family after 25 years.

Did we miss anything from this week? Share your faves in the comments below!