Friday Faves!

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TGIF! The Choices/TeenBeing team has rounded up our picks for the best of this week’s web.

1. We're not huge fans of sugary drinks over here, but we think that Coca-Cola's plans to build these kiosks providing water, electricity, and Internet in 20 countries with need are a great idea. But we hope they stick to water instead of soda!

2. This principal lets us in on the two tools every teacher needs to manage middle school students in the classroom: distraction and relationship.

3. Does your teen work out after hitting the books? A new study suggests that this might not be the best routine, linking strenuous mental exertion with body fatigue and shorter workouts.

4. This topic certainly isn't a fave of ours, but we think this story about the increasing presence of heroin in schools across the country is important to share.

5. A California school district has hired a company to monitor their students' social media posts in order to be aware of, and intervene, in cases of bullying and depression. We aren't sure where we stand in this debate, but we're glad somebody's listening!


Did we miss anything? Please post your faves in the comments below!