Friday Faves!

Happy Friday! The Choices magazine/TeenBeing team has rounded up our picks for the best of this week’s web.

1. She’s known for teaching us how to deal with mean girls in her book Queen Bees and Wannabees (Tina Fey's movie Mean Girls is based on it!) but she’s actually the mother of two boys. Read an excerpt from Rosalind Wiseman's new book, Masterminds and

Wingmen, about helping teenage boys navigate the halls of high school, which can be just as treacherous as the ones girls walk.

2. We know texting gives our teens the ability to talk to their friends all the time, and sometimes about things we don't

want to hear, but does the talking necessarily translate to action? Does the ability to discuss doing something bad via text actually lead to bad behavior? A new study from the University of Texas at Dallas observed text messages between teens and their peers and found that it does.

3. Jennette McCurdy, former star of the Nickelodeon show iCarly, shared some interesting thoughts on our social media-centric world in an essay she wrote on internet romance. We loved this quote:

[quote]It’s important to remember that the image displayed through a screen is in fact just that – a display. A person doesn’t converse in 140 characters, they don’t react in filters, and a well-played moment doesn’t loop itself every 6 seconds. We don’t live our life in glossy little quips, blips, and fragments, regardless of the fact that that’s what we’re encouraged to do in this day and age... What’s a lot more interesting, turns out, are the moments not posed enough for pictures, witty enough for jokes, or polished enough to be sent to the world.[/quote]

4. Reddit user LoverHerGeek posted this picture of a Greenville, NH pizza place that was giving students discounts on pizza if they studied in the restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant is no longer open—but we think it still deserves a shout-out for its efforts! Slices were 35 cents for students who used the restaurant to study, and straight A's on a report card could earn you a free large pizza and soda. But since a hunger for knowledge should never fade, the restaurant was also giving a large pie to anybody of any age who could recite the Lincoln's Gettysburg Address from memory. We hope the idea catches on!

5. It turns out that all fruit was not created equal—at least when it comes to Type 2 diabetes prevention, that is. According to a recent study published in BMJ online and covered by the NYT Well blog, eating certain fruits (like grapes, apples, and especially blueberries) can significantly reduce your risk. Sweet deal!

Did we miss anything big from this week? Please share your faves in comments below. And have a great weekend!