Friday Faves!

It’s the last weekend of summer—enjoy! The Choices magazine/Teenbeing team has rounded up our picks for the best of this week’s web.

1. What do Emoji, Selfie, and Cakepop have in common? They’re all words the OED added to their online dictionary. Other new words that have been giving the OED seal of approval include digital detox (I need one! See #5 on this list) and buzzworthy (I’ve been using that 4ever) My only comment: Squee!

2. Much of the music teens listen to celebrates drinking and even namechecks specific brands, according to a new study. Does listening to music influence behavior? The researchers note that 14 long-term studies have found that exposing young people to alcohol marketing in mass media boosts the likelihood they will start drinking or increase their drinking. Oy!

3. Did you ever wonder what the big deal is about the boy band One Direction? I have, but I’ve always been too embarrassed to ask. Now that I’ve read this and discovered what a big, billion-dollar deal they are, I’m glad I kept my ignorance to myself. What else is going on that adults don’t really know about?

4. How about adding the Wild and Addictive World of Celebrity Fan Fiction to the list of things formerly not on my radar? But wow.

[quote]High school senior Adriana Brooks, whose RPF novella Oh My Love (A Chris Brown Love Story) boasted nearly 273,000 reads at last count. Seventeen-year-old Brooks rewrites tabloid history from her Beaufort, S.C., bedroom. She recasted Brown — who pled guilty in 2009 to a felony assault of his then girlfriend and fellow pop star, Rihanna — as a savior who rescues Audri (Brooks’ fictional stand-in) from her abusive boyfriend Kyle. Audri “looks like me but is different personality-wise,” Brooks says.[/quote]

5.  This piece written by someone who’s both a brilliant thinker and beloved friend, has inspired and challenged me to put down my digital device for one freaking second! Srsly, does anyone want to try and go on a digital diet with me? Teachers? Moms? I’m dragging my family into it kicking and screaming. And maybe even the staff of Choices/TeenBeing. You’ll know it worked if we only have three faves next Friday. [insert emoji here]