An Easy Way for Crafty Teens to Volunteer (From Home!)

At my childhood home in Pennsylvania, I knew that the mailman usually rolled up to our comfortable, mid-sized suburban house around 3 p.m., and—for the five or six days surrounding my birthday—you had better bet I’d be not-so-patiently waiting near the front window from after-school onward. I was probably pretending to practice piano, but in reality, I was just waiting for the mailman to deposit my birthday bounty. (Yeah. I was sneaky like that.) Here’s the thing, though: I never even thought about what it would be like if the birthday mail didn’t come, or if I didn't even have my own mailbox to run to.

That’s why I wanted to bring this brilliant Birthday Mail campaign to your attention. It’s such a simple way to get teens thinking about those who are less fortunate. In the U.S., approximately one in three people experiencing homelessness is under the age of 18, and approximately one in six is under the age of 6.

With those sad stats in mind, our friends at decided to encourage crafty teens to take a time out and make birthday cards for homeless kids, which is just a little something that can brighten their big days. If they want to volunteer, all teens need to do is sign up, and Do Something will provide the address of the closest shelter that is accepting and expecting cards. Pretty great, right?

I love this campaign because it’s something that teens can do right now—maybe even without leaving the house, if they have supplies around! It’s also such a quick, fun activity to do with friends.

Because seriously, what’s better than getting mail? OK, maybe your birthday is better than getting mail. So what’s better than getting mail on your birthday?! Pretty much nothing, and I feel strongly about that. Get your students and sons and daughters involved! The campaign runs now through October 11.

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