This Easy Volunteer Project is a Sure Cure for Cabin Fever (or a Fun Activity for Your Class)

Snow in the South, a consistent deep-freeze in the Northeast—pretty much our entire nation is at the mercy of this insane polar vortex at the moment, which means we’re all slowly going crazy cooped up inside. But while teens may joke about their seasonally induced boredom, the depression and isolation that plagues many older adults during the dead of winter is no laughing matter. (Some stats: Nearly 8.8 million of them suffer from depression. And not surprisingly, the peak time is now.)

That’s exactly why we wanted to bring’s Love Letters campaign your attention. Running until February 14 (and somewhat similar to last fall’s Birthday Mail campaign), it encourages crafty teens to DIY a V-Day card, then write three facts about themselves inside. After the card is sent in, Meals on Wheels will then hand it to an older adult during their deliveries. (We can’t be 100% sure, but we’re guessing what happens next is smiles. Lots and lots of smiles.)

Watch the lovely Victoria Justice talk about the program in the video above, then share it with teens you know—and/or visit the campaign page to find out more. (For the less-than-creative, they’ve even got tips on how to craft your card.)

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