Driving Older Cars May Increase a Teen's Risk of Accidents

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While passing down an old car may seem like an easy solution when your teen starts driving, you may want to hold off on hand-me-down vehicles. That's because new research suggests that teens who drive older cars are more likely to get in fatal accidents.

According to Science Daily,

Almost half of teen drivers killed on US roads in the past few years were driving vehicles that were 11 or more years old, and often lacking key safety features.

As far as which cars are best for teen drivers, the researchers say, "Larger, heavier vehicles generally provide much better crash protection than smaller, lighter ones." They further explain:

Newer vehicles generally are also more likely to have better crash test ratings and important safety features such as ESC and side airbags. Parents may benefit from consumer information about vehicle choices that are both safe and economical.

Considering what kind of car a teen drives is important, since statistics suggest they're more likely to get in an accident than more experienced drivers. Instead of just focusing on cost, make sure any vehicle your teen is driving has appropriate safety features.

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