Deadly Texts: It Can Wait

If you want to stop your teens, or anyone else, from texting and driving—drop what you’re doing and watch the heart-wrenching documentary From One Second To The Next. Made by acclaimed director Werner Herzog (you may know him from Cave of Forgotten Dreams) for the It Can Wait campaign against texting and driving, this powerful 34-minute film will make even the most notorious offender put their phone down while they’re behind the wheel.

This is not your average PSA. The haunting true stories of four devastating accidents caused by texting and driving are told from both the victims’ and perpetrators’ perspectives. We highly recommend watching the complete video before showing it to teens—it may be too intense or disturbing for some—but if you feel that your teen can handle it, then we encourage you to share it with them.

If you don’t think your teen is ready for the film, there are other influential resources for teaching teens about the dangers of texting and driving. Check out the Texting and Driving: It Can Wait Simulator, which allows you to take a virtual drive, revealing what can happen when your attention is divided between the road and your phone. If you do share this documentary with your teen, let us know what you thought—and the kind of discussions it provokes.

And P.S., This isn’t just need-to-know info for kids. Everybody’s got to keep their eyes on the road.