This Contest Gives Teens the Power to Make a Difference!

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Summer vacation is right around the corner, and what better way for teens to spend that time off than pursuing a project they're passionate about? and Toyota are teaming up to give young people the chance to create a positive impact.

The campaign is called The Hunt. It's a seven-day challenge to take action on seven different causes in the community—from bullying to the environment to education, the options are endless. The Hunt will take place from August 4-10.

From now until June 20, members can submit challenge ideas online. Each challenge should be something that can be completed in one day. Not only do winners get to see their vision come to life, but they also win a $500 grant to continue the great work.

To get inspired, check out a completed campaign by visiting and clicking on any campaign on that page.

Here's how it works:

1. Enter! Teens can submit an idea for a project using this online form. The form itself can give ideas to help them brainstorm—from the types of causes you can support (everything from animals to mental health) to the sorts of actions you can take to address the problem you want to tackle.

2. Await the results! Those who are selected will receive a call and email by June 25. Winners will then collaborate with the team to finalize their challenge.

3. Participate! All teens—winners or not—can take part in The Hunt, which launches on August 4, spotlighting a different challenge each day!

What are you waiting for? Encourage your teens to start brainstorming today!

Did you know is the country’s largest not-for-profit for young people and social change? They have 2.35 million members supporting causes they care about. Check out their site for easy and effective ways to get involved!