Celebrate Harry Potter With These Magical Words

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July is a big month for Harry Potter fans! On July 21st, it was exactly seven years since the seventh book was released. Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling both have a birthday coming up on July 31st, and today is Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday – though you may better know him as the actor who played Harry Potter himself! There’s so much to celebrate this month, the Scholastic Store is even hosting a magical month of Harry Potter events.

So what’s all the excitement about? Well, we know the Harry Potter series has been wildly successful (selling around 500 million copies worldwide!) and encouraged even struggling readers to discover a world of magic. But most importantly, the series has taught life lessons to generations of readers, from the value of friendship to the need to stand up for what you believe in – lessons that we here at Choices and TeenBeing couldn’t agree with more!

To celebrate Harry Potter, we’re looking at some of the series’ most inspirational quotes. Share one with the teens you know, and spread the magic in their lives!

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