Brand New Sex Ed Resources for You — From Choices!

Teachers, listen up!

As we developed our teen pregnancy story in the May 2015 issue ("Kids With Kids," p. 4), we were faced with an interesting conundrum: Some of you can and must teach your students human sexuality and sex education. Others, however, can't touch these topics—whether due to district-wide policies or personal preferences. So how could we best serve all of you, we wondered, and avoid making our incredible May magazine off-limits in some classrooms?

Our solution is what we consider an exciting compromise, and a model that we may re-use in future years, if we find you’re hungry for it! We went through great lengths to keep the story in the student edition PG—offering a very real glimpse into the lives of teen parents, and providing you with teachable lessons about how becoming a parent too soon can affect a teen’s future. And the sex stuff? We saved that for some very special story supplements. Along with our amazing partners, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (you can find out more about them here), we’re offering you two special documents, which you can reproduce for your schools and classrooms:

1. Everything Teens Need to Know About Birth Control

An excellent way to introduce teens to contraception. You’ll find many valuable discussion points throughout! Please read it first before distributing to your students. It contains frank language and images.

Click here to view the Birth Control Supplement as a printable PDF, or find it in the Teacher Resources drawer accompanying the "Kids With Kids" story.


2. The National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy Quiz

This scenario-based quiz puts teens inside 5 situations that teach them about sexual pressure and decision-making – because the best time to think about how you’d act in a risky situation is before it happens. (This one comes with a separate discussion guide for teachers too!)

Click here to view the quiz as a printable PDF, along with the discussion guide here.

And for all the parent subscribers out there: Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! We believe our story and its supplements could be a valuable conversation starters in your home. We encourage all parents to study up on these free tips from the National Campaign, which will help you talk to your teen…and more importantly, actually get through to them.

Don’t forget to let us know how it goes… you can drop us a line at or send us a tweet @Choices_Mag,