Beware of Buzzwords! 'Gluten-Free' Isn't Always Healthy

worlde"Organic," "gluten-free," and "whole grain." These phrases can provide an inaccurate impression of how healthy foods actually are, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Houston found that healthy buzzwords tends to trick customers into thinking foods are healthier. For the study, they examined how consumers link words on food labels with healthiness. Despite the actual nutrition facts listed on the product, buzzwords had a bigger pull. Chocolate Cheerios, Cherry 7-Up, and Tostitos were among the products analyzed. Each has its own buzzword attached — heart healthy, antioxidant, and all natural, respectively.

Even though Cherry 7-Up contains antioxidants, the "fruit-flavored" soft drink is anything but healthy. Besides water, its main ingredient is high fructose corn syrup or sugar (25 g per serving!). If your teen is craving something fruity, show them these seasonal recipes from a previous TeenBeing post — the cherry streusel seems delish!

When grocery shopping, be wary of deceptive wording. If you're unsure how to properly read a nutrition label, check out this helpful tutorial.

Be honest, do you always look at the nutrition label before purchasing, or do words like "organic" pull you in? Share your best healthy shopping strategies in the comments!

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