The Best of SHAPE America’s New Back-to-School Website

SHAPE America is a national membership organization for health and psychical education professionals.

SHAPE America

New supplies, new books, new lessons. It seems that with the start of each school year comes a truckload of fresh materials to help students get the most out of their education. Well, that’s the case for the core subjects, anyway... It’s not every year that the health and physical education department is afforded new technology or equipment.

To soften the back-to-school resource gap, the Society of Health and Physical Educators, better known as SHAPE America, just launched a brand new website loaded with content just for K-12 health and phys ed teachers.

The website features all kinds of resources for SHAPE members, all designed to keep students moving while boosting learning. Here are three of our favorites:

 1. Podcasts on health and physical education topics 

Hosted by Matt Pomeroy, chair of the SHAPE America Midwest District Professional Development Committee, and Collin Brooks, a National Board Certified Elementary Physical Educator, these podcasts offer insight into topics relevant to health and phys ed educators. They also feature interviews with top industry professionals.

You can listen whenever and wherever is most convenient for you, as SHAPE lets you download podcasts at any point after they’ve aired to listen on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

 2. Two hour-long webinars per month 

Not content with just hearing about the field’s hot topics? You can watch, too, via SHAPE’s bi-weekly hour-long webinars. First on tap for September is a lecture on adapting and implementing disability/Paralympic sports into physical education and extracurricular programs. Then at the end of the month, you’ll be treated to a webinar on ways teachers can make a difference beyond the gymnasium.

 3. Jam-packed activity calendars 

Stuck trying to come up with your next lesson plan? SHAPE’s got you covered—every day, every month. Each day features a fun workout or nutrition tip (Think handstands and smoothies!), and each month alerts users to health observances, such as Whole Grains Month and Yoga Awareness Month in September. Activity calendars are downloadable in English and Spanish, for elementary and secondary school students.

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