The Best Practices To Use In Your Health Class

SHAPE America's new document can serve as a blueprint, helping health educators meet all of the standards in their classrooms.


Back in March, Choices editors Judy and Kim attended SHAPE America's National Convention in Seattle. They had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing, dedicated health teachers—including our very own blogger Amy Lauren Smith! Amy even shared what she learned at the conference on our site. All in all, it was a fantastic, informative experience.

While the conference happens annually, there are guidelines from SHAPE America — or the Society of Health and Physical Education — that you can implement in your classroom on a daily basis. This organization helps set the national standards and guidelines for health teachers all across the country.

In a new document, called the Appropriate Practices in School-Based Health Education, SHAPE America helps give guidance to health teachers and administrators. It shows how to utilize the core principles of health ed and apply them to any classroom. The document offers advice about how to do the following:

• Creating a positive and inclusive learning environment that engages students in learning the skills they need to live healthy lives

• Implementing a sequential, comprehensive curriculum —aligned with the National Health Education Standards and other relevant frameworks —that is skills-based, with an emphasis on developing health literacy

• Employing instructional practices that engage students in learning and in developing their health-related skills

• Using assessments that measure student growth, knowledge and health-related skill development

• Advocating for a positive school culture toward health and health education

• Maintaining high standards of practice

To see the full document, click here. Be sure to check out SHAPE America's website for even more resources for teachers!