Belieb It Or Not, There Are Health Benefits To Justin's Hairstyle!

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Have you heard about the Big Bang Theory? No, not the explanation of how the universe was created. We're not talking about the hilarious TV show either. Instead, this theory is about Justin Bieber and how his hairstyle is saving teens from sun damage. Although it sounds like the subject of an article from The Onion, it's actually true! Doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital discovered the health benefits of Bieber's bangs.

Dr. Bernard Cohen and his colleague Dr. Crystal Agi noticed that their patients with Biebs-inspired hairdos had less freckles beneath their bangs. The skin under the hair was paler, too. Although Dr. Cohen says freckles aren't necessarily harmful, they are indications of sun damage and can increase the risk of melanoma in adults. They called their findings the "big bang theory" and published a research paper about it.

According to New York Daily News, the doctors explained,

Those of us who care for children and adolescents should not overlook the influence of a celebrity model even if the big bangs disappear as hairstyles evolve."

Using pop culture to talk about a serious topic is a fun approach and way to get kids to listen. Looks like maybe Biebs isn't that bad of a role model after all, huh? On second thought, his DUI arrest and frequent shenanigans aren't something to aspire to. In any case, at least we now know being a Belieber has some health benefits!

Remember, even though this 'do protects teens'  foreheads, it's still important to use sunscreen all over their faces — and any skin that's exposed to the sun. It may not seem serious now, but even one bad sunburn now can greatly increase their risk of skin cancer as an adult.

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