An Anti-Drug PSA That’s Working

If you are looking for a truly inspirational anti-drug campaign, drop everything and check out Above the Influence. We think it’s extremely successful at making it seem cool and worthy to not be influenced by peer pressure to take part in negative activities—like using drugs. And it turns out that a study from Ohio State University has found that the campaign’s message is effective. Shaunacy Ferro of Popular Science said, “Eight percent of teenagers in a 2011 study who had seen the campaign and were familiar with it started smoking pot, versus 12 percent who had never seen it.” The ads appeal to teens who want to be seen as independent from their parents and peers. It speaks to the audience’s inner positive rebel. How do you think your teens would respond? This one is my personal favorite. I would propose showing this to your class or your teens at home and letting them critique it. Not only is it interesting to hear what they are picking up (you know that they operate on a slightly different frequency than we do), but I think that it’s easier for teens to be receptive when you empower them to share their views, rather than just broadcast a message to them. I’d love to know what everyone thinks about this campaign.