Katie Carley

Teacher advisor

School: North Attleboro Middle School
Grade & Subject: 7th Inclusion
# of Years Subscribing to Choices: 2 years
From My Classroom: My students love using Choices in the classroom. They are totally in awe with the "Different Like You ",section and learning about how children their age can make a difference. They also like that the topics in the magazines are topics that they can relate to. Often 7th graders sigh when they are given magazines to read in class but my students actually get excited to see what the articles are about. They will often read ahead of the class because they find them interesting.
About Me: I have been teaching for 14 years and love to see students actively involved and interested in what they are reading. I also like to include some of the sections of the magazine into the Friends of Rachel Club I advise this is a community service club.)