Judy Goldberg

Editorial Director

Judy is the editor of Choices magazine. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband, two sons (17 and 21), a golden retriever, and a cat. By day she’s reading every new study that comes out about teen health; pondering how to create a kinder climate in schools; being inspired by all the amazing teachers, teens, parents, and writers she works with to create Choices; and generally championing causes that affect and support adolescence. At home she cooks up a storm (my current fave recipes are here and here and here), watches way too much TV, and spends waaaaay too much time on her iPhone. Lest you think she doesn’t practice what she preaches, she has been known to do a half-marathon and can be found at the gym on occasion. Most important! Judy wants to know who YOU are. Connect to her by Email! Snail Mail! Twitter! Instagram! Please say “Hi,” comment, critique, or praise. She (and the rest of the Choices editorial staff) would love to hear from you.