Joyce E. Mattos

Teacher advisor

School: Snelling Elementary School

Grade Level: 6th/7th grade self-contained classroom

# of Years I've Subscribed to Choices: 4 or 5 years (I think!)

From My Classroom: My students always love their first look at each issue of Choices. I give them the opportunity just to browse and read over whatever interests them. However, they agree that what we enjoy most are the opportunities to reflect and discuss in groups or as a class various articles.  They have said that they find themselves relating personally to the people and situations we read about and that the discussions help them to think about how they would respond to situations presented or to envision their future after reading about another person's life experiences.

About Me:  I love teaching because it affords me the opportunity to keep right on learning along with my students.  I learn so much from them as we discuss topics of interest and I hear their points of view and their interests.  This is one of the reasons we all enjoy reading the articles in Choices magazine!